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SPNL is an a-political organisation, working at the national level in a collaborative and transparent manner. SPNL bases its work on sound science and passionate commitment, which through transparent and democratic processes, leads to a well-informed public. SPNL strives to conserve biodiversity for the provision of a better quality of life through sustaining sites, habitats, species and people.

Climate Change Is Killing the Cedars of Lebanon

Anne Barnard, the New York Times Beirut bureau chief for the past six years, and Josh Haner, a Times photographer, went to Lebanon’s cedar forests to see how the trees are today.   BAROUK CEDAR FOREST, LEBANON — Walking among the cedars on a mountain slope in Lebanon feels like visiting the territory of primeval beings. Some of the oldest trees have …

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Birds’ hunger for insects may be too great

Birds’ hunger for insects may be unsustainable. The dwindling insect numbers available in parts of the world may not be enough for avian appetites, threatening the survival of some bird species, including ones which are essential for controlling pests. Scientists have just calculated one small but important portion of the global energy budget. They have established an estimate for the annual …

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SPNL Participation in The Garden Show and Spring Festival

As part of the co-funding from Lebanon Traveler (USAID) for the development of 6 interpretive signs for the Botanic/butterfly garden trail establishment in West Bekaa Country Club in Hima Kherbet Kanafar, SPNL participated in the garden show and spring festival from May 30 to June 2, 2018. The festival is Beirut premier Spring event that has been organized for 15 consecutive …

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Fighting Land and Ecosystem Degradation in Lebanon

The largest Nature reserve in Lebanon (approx. 5% of the Territory) encompassing the best remaining strand of cedar forests where over 160 bird species

As a general methodology and for each sector or issue tackled, Support to Reforms – Environmental Governance (StREG) Programme carried out initial analysis, developed as necessary good practice guidelines, road maps, protocols or recommendations, and translated the latter into legislation. Protected Areas Lebanon boasts 15 protected areas covering 3% of the Lebanese territories. They are the main conservation tool in …

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7 crafts to get kids into birding: from easy to expert

We’ve selected crafts from across the world that will delight children and benefit birds. From ten-minute fruit kebabs to a summer spent birdhouse building, we’ve got projects for every age and timespan: all you need to do is pick your skill level.   By Jessica Law Let’s face it: kids are much more likely to watch birds coming to a feeder …

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The top five threats to birds may surprise you

The top five threats to birds may surprise you One in eight bird species is in danger of extinction – but what are the main factors driving their decline? They might not be what you think. Read about the five biggest threats to bird biodiversity, and what’s being done to combat them. By Margaret Sessa-Hawkins Sometimes it’s easy to see …

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Migration Marathons: 7 unbelievable bird journeys

Around one in five of all the world’s bird species migrate. And while every migration is an epic and often perilous feat of endurance, here’s a selection of species that we feel go the extra mile. By Irene Lorenzo Ain’t no mountain high enough Species: Bar-headed Goose Anser indicus Distance travelled: 3,000-5,000 km No oxygen? No problem. These sturdy geese might …

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Aitanit hosts the launching of new project for the protection of water resources through Hima approach

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Municipality of Aitanit – West Bekaa, and SPNL have held a social event in the Church playground of Aitanit on July.3.2018. The event was a launching ceremony for the project “Empowering Local communities, for Water resources Protection in West Bekaa region through Hima Approach” funded by SDC. The aim of the …

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#SaveSalina : hotel complex threatens waterbird paradise

Ulcinj Salina is a traditional salt pan whose shallow waters feed and support more than 250 bird species. However, recent proposals to build a large-scale tourism resort threaten to obliterate it. By Janinka Lutze & Stefan Ferger Sign the petition here to help us save this unique wetland. Traditional salt pans are one of the rare examples of a man-made landscape that …

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Selection of SPNL Monitoring Sites in West Bekaa Region- M6 Project

Several meetings with the municipalities of Hima Kherbet Kanafar, Ain Zebdeh, and Aitanit took place between May and June, 2018 in order to explain to the relevant stakeholders about the scientific component of the project and specifically the monitoring of the selected biodiversity indicators that will take place for three consecutive years starting 2018 by the national experts . Further, …

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