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Christmas 2017 collaborated with “Dent De Lait”

SPNL in Christmas 2017 collaborated with “Dent De Lait” under a Christmas Initiative Project. Dent De Lait is a preschool and an entertainment center designed to educate children on the importance of environmental awareness and global citizenship. Dent De Lait aims to see the next generation grow up and thrive as responsible, tolerant, happy human beings who respect their planet.

The Christmas initiative project at the preschool was called La Boule De Joie. The idea was for the kids to create eco-friendly Christmas decoration in the center, decorated with Boules handmade by the kids that hold the logo of Dent De Lait along with other NGO logos that share common environmental vision and values. Dent De Lait also creating donation boxes for each NGO and announced it on their social media pages.

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