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Coping with Water Crisis

Through the generous funding of the USAID- OTI Lebanon project , SPNL in collaboration with the municipality of Anjar and Anjar Water Users Association (WUA) started the project “Safe Guarding Agriculture Based Economy in Anjar”. The following project has a three month duration, where it aims to support the community of Anjar ,especially farmers in coping with the water crisis of 2014. The project activities include.

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  1. Equipping two wells in Anjar with the needed pumps to support water irrigation needs
  2. Improving the knowledge of the WUA and farmers about water measurement and use in relation to crop needs through providing training workshops on water use
  3. Improving water policies of WUA in water management
  4. Empowering the Role of the new generation in the management of Water Resources through a youth training and a summer camp that will be organized in September 2014

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