Mission and Strategy


SPNL, the BirdLife national partner in Lebanon, aims at protecting nature, birds and biodiversity in Lebanon and to promote sustainable use of resources with people through reviving the concept of Al Hima. As a national environmental NGO in Lebanon, SPNL contributes to both raising awareness on environmental issues and concretely protecting natural areas in Lebanon.

SPNL bases its work on sound science and passionate commitment, which through transparent and democratic processes, leads to a well-informed public.

SPNL strives to advocate a better quality of life for people and nature, through conserving sites, protecting species, and assuring sustainability.



SPNL works in a cooperative manner to fulfill its mission statement, i.e., in partnership with its partners, government institutions, municipalities, local community, other NGOs, associates and the private sector.

SPNL strives to trigger advances in strengthening capacities and influence. Its strategy revolves around four fundamental building blocks for promoting sustainable development:

  1. Sites &Habitats
  2. Species
  3. People
  4. Sustainability