Give safe passage to Cranes

Thousands of storks are facing the bullets of Lebanese poachers and illegal hunters. 
Help stop the massacre!

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Beirut, Lebanon

On their migratory route over Lebanon last autumn, a number of common cranes were massacred by random poachers. The flock of birds were lured to rest at an estuary with the help of electronic decoys. They were then slaughtered from military rifles and shotguns as soon as they started to land.

Many died instantly, others flew away injured.

One of them landed in a private garden. We named him “Esmat”, after the person who found him and contacted us; knowing SPNL could save the crane. SPNL was then able to rescue and treat him, feed him and care for him along with other prey birds injured in different parts of Lebanon.

After his treatment at SPNL bird Rescue Center at Mount Lebanon Hima Center ( MLHC )-Kayfoun, Esmat was successfully released into the wild. He should now be in Africa along with his fellow cranes.

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