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Responsible Hunting

Workshop in Niha to limit Random Hunting

The Environment for Life association organized a workshop in collaboration with Arz El Shouf Reserve, Niha Municipality and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon. this event was funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund -CEPF. The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund unites seven global leaders who are committed to enabling nongovernmental and private sector organizations to help protect …

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Workshop for Hunting Clubs in West Bekaa Country Club

  Based on the invitation of the Ministry of Environment inLebanon and in the presence of Ms. Lara Samaha, head of Biological Diversity department in the ministry, the project manager of the UNDP Migratory Soaring birds Project Dr. Salim Hamadeh and the general director of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon-SPNL Mr. Assad Serhal, a workshop for …

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SPNL to Launch Sustainable Hunting Club at West Beqaa

 SPNL has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with West Beqaa Country Club and Sayd Magazine in order to establish and manage a Middle East sustainable hunting club at the West Beqaa Country Club. Adonis Khatib, was assigned and hired as the director for managing the center in that area.  

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Training Sessions on the New Hunting Law at SPNL

A training session for hunters took place at SPNL’s office on Wednesday 14th of August promoting sustainable hunting practices in an attempt to conserve the birds of Lebanon. This training session serves to help the hunters recognize the game birds, increase their awareness about the necessary safety measures during hunting, enhance their knowledge about the new hunting law in Lebanon, …

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Criteria for the Identification of Public Hunting Areas in Lebanon

A roundtable meeting was held in SPNL on July 11th 2013 in the presence of Dr. Salim Hamadeh, and Ms. Rana Tarhini – MSB Project Team, Mrs. Lara Smaha- Ministry of Environment, Dr. Ghassan Jaradi- Ornithologist, and SPNL’s Director General Assad Serhal and Assistant Director General Bassima Khatib. The meeting has set the basis for the criteria in identifying public …

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SPNL’s Work in Conserving the Flyway in the Mediterranean

SPNL recently started the implementation of an outreach program targeting hunters in Lebanon as part of the “Capacity Development for Flyway Conservation in the Mediterranean”, a project executed in collaboration with BirdLife International and funded by the MAVA Foundation. SPNL’s work mainly includes the reduction of illegal hunting and threats to migratory birds by developing a special training course in …

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Sustainable Hunting and the Hunter’s Guide

hunter’s guide is the reference book for the hunter in order to pass the exam needed for the hunting license according to hunting law 580/2004.

Sustainable hunting is one of the main leading programs that SPNL has been working on since long time ago. It represents the environmental NGOs on the Hunting Higher Council-HHC in Lebanon, whereby a lot of achievements have been done in this field. On the local level, SPNL helped in the elaboration of draft legal decrees and decisions for the hunting …

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