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SPNL receives “Best Practice” Award from the United Nations for improving the living environment through Hima system

SPNL are rewarded for conserving the coastline at Hima Qoleilih, southern Lebanon, whilst supporting local people.

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL – BirdLife in Lebanon) recently received an international ‘best practice’ award for their work at the Qolieleh Hima site, southern Lebanon, where they are preserving the coast and improving living conditions for local people. Dubai Muncipality presented the Dubai International Award for Best Practices (DIABP) to SPNL for community-based conservation …

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Promoting Hima Women Empowerment for Conservation and Livelihood

SPNL initiated in the beginning of 2013 a project for empowering women funded by the UN WomenFund for Gender Equality– “Promoting Hima Women Empowerment for Conservation and Livelihood”. The three year project aims at enhancing the livelihood of rural women through the revival of the Hima approach in the sustainable management of three IBAs of Lebanon, Aanjar, KfarZabad, and the …

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Al Hima System Seen as One of Birdlife’s Major Achievements in 90 Years

As part of Birdlife’s International 90th anniversary celebrations that will be held this June in Canada, Birdlife chose 20 of their most successful stories achieved since their establishment. Amongst these achievements is SPNL’s “Al- Hima” approach that was revived starting2004 in Lebanon, and boosted by the Hima Fund, a generous donation by the State of Qatar in 2008.  Al Hima …

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COP18/CMP8 President debate highlights The Hima system

The fifth day of COP18/CMP8 saw engagement from the host country’s top leaders with observer organisations and members of the press, while delegates prepared for a weekend full of events. As part of Qatar’s commitment to hosting an open, transparent, and inclusive process, the President of the conference, Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, along with other top figures from the host …

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Community conservation methods go back to the future

A centuries old method of conservation is being revived in Qatar and other parts of the Islamic world. At the fifth Hikma session at COP18/CMP8, participants from countries such as Lebanon, Morocco, Bahrain and Egypt explained how the ancient principle of Hima was being reintroduced. The session was moderated by SPNL director general Assad Serhal, a Birdlife special envoy to the …

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Jeju Declaration adopted to promote Hima

Top delegates of the 2012 World Conservation Congress pose after signing the Jeju Declaration during the closing ceremony on the 10th day of the environmental conference in Jeju Island. Starting from the left, they are Governor of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Woo Keun-min, the Minister of Environment Yoo Young-sook, the Chairman of the organizing committee Lee Hong-koo, and the president …

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The Power of a Local Tradition: Hima

Almost 1,500 years before modern conservation research arrived at the same idea, a tradition originating from the Arabian Peninsula realised the importance of community involvement when preserving natural areas and managing natural resources. Essential practice for human survival in Arabian climes, the hima was a traditional sustainable protected area system that went further than being a strategy to conserve biodiversity: …

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