A Guide to 200 Common Birds of Lebanon


Written by: Richard Prior

Illustrated by: A. Birch; J. Gale; M Langman; B. Small 

Translation and Supervision: Assad Serhal; Joumana Serhal

Situated on the great migration flyway between Africa and Europe and blessed with a wide variety of habitats, Lebanon has a rich diversity of birdlife.

This guide intends to encourage young and old to discover and appreciate the beauty and diversity of birds and the need to protect them and their natural environment. Birds are everywhere, you just have to get looking.

“You don’t have to go to a zoo, or nature reserve to see them, especially not in Lebanon, which is fortunate to have a rich variety of habitats and a varied climate. In addition, Lebanon lies on a great bird migration highway, so twice a year millions of birds pass through the country on their journeys between Africa and Europe and back”. Richard Prior




  • The 200 commoner birds to be seen in Lebanon are each illustrated with a colour photograph and painting
  • Explanatory text for each species
  • Concise introductory sections on how, when and where to watch birds in Lebanon, the wonder of their migration and the threats they face
  • Common and scientific names for easy reference