Butterfly Gardening in Lebanon


– An encyclopedia with 750 pages of detailed facts and colorful images.

– A technical and practical guidebook, with updated scientific data.

– A conservation workbook of favourable gardening practices with a comprehensive introduction into butterfly gardening, delineating the architectural principles of garden design and development, and answering questions pertaining to site requirements and the kinds of plants to choose from.

– A page by page plant catalogue and herbarium of all Lebanese butterfly plants, their growing requirements and planting instructions, covering around 500 species of larval host plants (LHPs) and nectar source plants (NSPs).

– An atlas and first guide to 194 butterfly species, including the 165 established species, 45 endemics and near-endemics, and 20 threatened species.

– Maps of distribution, detailed species descriptions with colour symbols on habitat, life history and behaviour, flight period and voltinism, abundance, economics, and conservation status, plus a monthly calendar, gardening glossary, and field checklist.

– Thousands of drawings of butterfly imagines, caterpillars, and chrysalides, from a number of sources designed to assist in effective field identification

– First time colour photography of Lebanon’s butterflies in their habitats


Written and Illustrated by Husein Ali Zorkot with

photography by G.H Steur