Wooden Villa Style with detailed yard Double Birdhouse


Reclaimed Wooden Villa Style with detailed yard Double Birdhouse — MADE TO ORDER

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: oak, ceramic, plastic
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This cabin can be a small representation of your inner yearning to leave it all behind. It is small, takes a lot less firewood to heat than a human house, doesn’t require insulation (feathers…duh), and it just really cool.

You know that you have a bird that is a little homey. Not homey like rollin’ with the homies. You know…they like to stay home. This is their home. Well they don’t know it yet because it is physically not in your possession. But…it could be…just go to that button up there and press it. Your birds are pecking at the windows wanting to get away….
But honestly they have brains the size of a peanut. Well, some may be bigger, maybe two peanuts….We don’t know, we just make birdhouses.



With the generous support of EU, these bird houses are now available for sale at SPNL Souk El Hima, and the aim is income generating activities to hima local communities , conserving birds & raising awareness .