Apple Day training in West Bekaa.

Under MAVA & Alliance project, HHIC organized an Apple Day training in West Bekaa.
The aim was to learn about apples and also to focus on food production and health benefits.
1- Farid Ammouri- Agriculture Engineer, trained about: the different varieties of apples and the new techniques in growing it, adding to cultural practices in production, the Integrated Pest Management of apples and the integrated crop nutrition.
2- Dr. Christelle Bou Mitri-Associate professor of food science at Notre Dame University-Louaize, trained about: local food producers on how to develop new food products.
First, they were introduced to the different types of new food products. Second, they went into a product development process from generating ideas, defining the concepts, assessing market need, optimizing the prototype, and marketing the end-product.
The workshop was designed to support these producers in the conceptualization of new food using their local produce. Suggested products were the solution for import substitutes, reduce waste, value added products.
3- Romy Chammas-Clinical Dietitian and Nutrition Instructor at NDU: highlighted the nutritional benefits of apple and it’s potential in preventing chronic diseases, estimating the caloric content of newly developed products along with introducing nutritional and health claims to improve marketing techniques.
15 persons attend this interesting full-day training with a traditional lunch made by locals.


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