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June, 2020

  • 24 June

    Chefs, producers and cooks share their favourite Mediterranean recipes, inspired by sustainable ingredients of our #MedFoodHeroes

    Chefs, producers and cooks share their favourite Mediterranean recipes Sharing meals in the Mediterranean feels as good as the food tastes. Rooted Everyday is happy to introduce recipes from Greece, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal and Spain to whet your appetite, inspired by the sustainable ingredients of our #MedFoodHeroes. With many thanks to the chefs and foodies for sharing their recipes and photos with us, with the aim to see …

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  • 23 June

    Eating an Organic Mediterranean Diet Helps Fight Disease

    For years nutritionists have extolled the virtues of a Mediterranean diet, now environmental NGOs like WWF are calling for us to improve our health and the environment by following the Med. #MedFoodHeroes shows us the true meaning of “good food” The #MedFoodHeroes campaign from 15-27 June coordinated by @RootedEveryday celebrates the rich cuisine the Mediterranean has to offer and the …

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  • 19 June

    Meet our #MedFoodHeroes from Greece, Lebanon, Menorca, Morocco, Portugal and Spain!

    One way to eat like an environmentalist is to support sustainable food producers. Through our two-week #MedFoodHeroes campaign, we aim to show how biodiversity in our ecosites is strongly linked to the sustainable food producers we work with in beautiful Lemnos, High Atlas, Dehesas, Montados, Menorca and Shouf. Here, we introduce some of our #MedFoodHeroes. Read on! Athina Kavaleri and her …

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  • 15 June

    Celebrate sustainable food with Mediterranean Food Heroes 2020 #MedFoodHeroes

    Do you choose good quality food from local sustainable food producers? Through our #MedFoodHeroes campaign, we are sharing stories, recipes and food facts from the Mediterranean to show how the food we choose to put on our plates impacts both the environment and the sustainable economy. Mediterranean environmental NGOs like WWF are promoting small sustainable food producers offering an alternative to fast …

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  • 10 June

    Boost small sustainable businesses, save the planet and improve your health through what you eat

    The biodiversity of our ecosystems, like climate change, is in crisis. The survival of our world is dependent on urgent action from individuals, businesses and governments. Conservationists are asking people everywhere to do their bit to protect the environment by choosing good quality food from local sustainable food producers. Since the outbreak of Covid 19 we know people can dramatically …

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