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Reunite children with nature

SPNL educational program SNOW- School with No Walls aims to raise awareness among the young generation about the Hima IBAs and KBA, species and ecosystems


An eco-friendly vision targeting children

SNOW – School with no walls - is an SPNL initiative that contains a complete educational extra-curricular program with a clear framework and an eco-friendly vision targeting children between 8 and 13 years old in order to build a greener future. This curriculum of environmental education is developed to spread awareness, deliver environmental of environmental education and ecological knowledge as well as promote eco-friendly behaviors while highlighting nature’s values. All the educational material adopted in SNOW is based on the concept of learning by fun, where interactive and entertaining activities were considered for a most efficient deliverance, especially for children coming from schools, civil society organizations and local community groups. This year was a tough one, but there is always a way to deliver environmental education and build a bridge to connect us with our surrounding nature.
SNOW makes a significant impact on the young generation by targeting them through outdoor educational events as well as a virtual competition via social media. In order to help breaking all unnecessary boundaries and reunite our children with nature despite restrictions, SNOW offers a virtual environmental programme delivered through a customized platform designed to be used by children under the supervision of teachers and parents.
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