Arab States Regional Convening on Women Empowerment


The convening was organized by the UN Women Fund for Gender Equality through its Regional Office for the Arab States in partnership with the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research “CAWTAR”in Tunis from 24 – 27 June 2013. 16 organizations participated from the Arab and North African region.

The main objectives of the convening revolved around:

  1. Building Partnerships: To build a community amongst and between all partners to promote learning and sharing and establish grantee networks for ongoing collaboration.

  2. Expanding the Evidence Base: To create a space for discussion on sharing results, challenges, opportunities, experiences, and lessons learned between the participants.

  3. Capacity Building of National Partners: To strengthen grantee capacities in results based management, narrative and financial reporting, and programme management, and building working relations with UN Women counterparts at country, regional and FGE including training in Grants Management and Reporting Database systems.

The Convening also witnessed the holding of an advocacy exhibition, by which every organization had a display area. SPNL shared different communication and visual materials, such as publications, roll-ups, brochures, slideshows, etc… The exhibition had been attended by the Media, UN agencies in Tunis, international organizations and donor groups, in addition to a wide array of civil society organizations.

SPNL was represented by Ms. Jamal Hamzeh who is the manager of the project “Promoting Hima Women Empowerment for Conservation and Livelihood”. She shared with the participants her experience in Lebanon and the various challenges and success stories that took place so far; whereby she is working with rural and marginalized women in 5 different Hima sites, Aanjar, Kfar Zabad, El-Fekiha, Upper Akkar, and Al Mansouri/Qoleileh.


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