Assad Serhal will receive BirdLife Member of Honour Award from HIH Princess Takamado

Assad Serhal, Director General of the Society for the Protection of Nature (SPNL) in Lebanon has been named to receive the BirdLife Member of Honour Award from HIH Princess Takamado, Honorary President of BirdLife.

The award will be presented to Serhal during a Partnership Reception at King’s College, Cambridge on the 13th of September starting at 7:30 pm. The awards ceremony is part of a dinner, hosted by the RSPB for the Partnership.

Assad Serhal is also the MIDORI Prize Winner for Biodiversity, the year 2018. Decorated by the minister of the environment with the “ Silver Lebanese Order of Merit Medal “, offered to Assad by The President of Lebanon, in the year 2019. He was also awarded the IUCN Honorary Membership Award at the council meeting of the World Conservation Congress 2020. 

From co-founding The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL ) in 1983 to establishing 25 Hima Protected areas and serving three times as Birdlife International Global Councilor, representing the Middle East Region Partnership… Mr. Serhal has dedicated his life to making Lebanon a shining example for nature conservation and local empowerment.

We know that the current state of the planet is dire, due to the triple crises of biodiversity loss, climate change and the Coronavirus pandemic. We know that for almost 100 years, BirdLife has had a hugely positive impact on biodiversity globally.

We know the future is ours to write, and we have a narrow 10-year window to prevent irreversible biodiversity loss and the horrific existential consequences of a warmer planet over the next 100 years. “It’s Time…” is a call to act urgently; to step up the scale of our approach; to tear down barriers and collaborate more; to better mobilise and engage our communities; to make a brighter future together.

Since we last gathered what challenges we have all faced! From COVID and

missing our face-to-face contacts to the scientifically undeniable intensity of the nature and climate crises, we have lots to catch up on. That’s why we are so excited to welcome you to the BirdLife International World Congress. And of course we’re also celebrating our 100th birthday. Perhaps the most consequential job at the Congress is launching our new 10-year strategy!

In collaboration with our UK Partner, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the Congress includes an exciting programme of field excursions, celebratory events, meetings, workshops, exhibitions and presentations in Cambridge as part of the Partnership meetings with a final day in London to hold a Global Conservation Conference and Fundraising Gala Dinner.

It’s Time…and we can’t wait!