Book review: the Bedtime Book of Birds by Graeme Gibson

Subtitled An Avian Miscellany, this work is a treasure trove of anecdotes, musings, ideas, folk stories and cultural insights about birds and the history of our relationship with them.

The Bedtime Book of Birds was first published in 2005 but such is its enduring appeal that The Bedside Book of Birds lives on in new editions beyond the author’s passing. In the introduction, Graeme Gibson says he came late to birds. You would not know it. Perhaps making up for lost years, he invested much effort, imagination and time assembling material for this unique volume. The result is an enriching collection arranged over nine chapters under such broad themes as birds observed and recorded (Oh, The Birds …), folk tales and parables (Death Comes as a Rooster), birds we exploit (A Bird In The Hand) and birds and the nostalgic human soul (Some Blessed Hope).

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