Changing attitudes towards illegal killing of Birds

The issue of illegal killing is a widespread concern for sustainable hunters in Lebanon. Last week, a conference was held by SPNL and MESHC with the owners of shops that sell hunting equipment in Lebanon on responsible hunting areas, on how to combat excessive and illegal hunting.

Collaboration is key: as a conservation organization, SPNL, is in a unique position to assist the relevant authorities in reducing the practice of illegal killing of birds and spread awareness, guidance and support for the fight against poaching in Lebanon.

As for sustainable hunters and hunting shop owners, they have the means to change social-cultural attitudes towards illegal killing in the younger generation and their local community.

The aim of the meeting with the representatives from the Syndicate of Guns & Ammunition is two folds: first to introduce the concept of responsible hunting areas & the online application in order to mobilize their adoption, and second to promote responsible hunting concept within their work and operation.

The participants in the meeting showed high interest in the presented online application & declared their willingness to cooperate with SPNL & MESHC. This was materialized by their signature on the responsible hunting oath & on the adoption of the responsible hunting online application. The meeting is considered a milestone for future cooperation between the syndicate, SPNL, and MESHC.

This awareness session to combat illegal killing and poaching is related to wider nature conservation initiatives funded by the Migratory Soaring Birds project – MSB, the Global Environment Fund GEF, and the anti-illegal hunting project by MAVA. The meeting was moderated by Adonis Al-Khatib, president of the MESHC and head of the responsible hunting portfolio at SPNL, who emphasized the role of sustainable hunters in the fight against illegal hunting and poaching.

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