Conservation win-win

Security Forces Magazine teams up with the Anti-poaching unit (APU) to raise awareness about conservation and responsible hunting in their pages.

Poaching and illegal hunting in Lebanon are threats to species endangerment. Challenges faced by SPNL’s anti-poaching unit to combat illegal hunting and poaching are vast and with the help of responsible hunters and ISF, our work towards conservation efforts are bearing fruits.

Awareness insert

“The Hunter hunts”, “The hunter does not poach”, are part of a campaign to raise awareness on the importance of responsible and sustainable hunting.  Aiming to inspire future generations of hunters to protect the country’s nature and ecological balance, ISF magazine and SPNL’s anti-poaching unit, teamed up to disseminate useful information on conservation.

Spreading the word to the general public

Beyond that, a liaison has been established between sustainable hunters and the security forces to spread the word to the general public by distributing leaflets nationally on the protection of the migrating stork. An incredible bird threatened by poachers on its migrating journey.

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