Crack down on illuminated trees in Mount Lebanon

Following joint investigations between the Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) of the Middle East Sustainable Hunting Center (MESHC) and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) in partnership with the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS), the Lebanese Internal Security Forces conducted several rooftop raids in the regions of Bchamoun, Qumatiyeh and Barja in Mount Lebanon; the aim was to disrupt and shut down several sites using ‘illuminated trees’ and electronic decoys callers to lure and shoot protected nocturnal migrating birds – primarily thrushes.

A common method of migratory bird poaching at this time of year in Lebanon. The raids follow a lengthy investigation to map out the rooftop poaching sites during day and night patrols, as well as collated intelligence gathered from surveying images on Google Earth. The findings were then handed over to the General Directorate of the Security Forces. It’s also worth noting that several ‘snipers’ became aware in the raids and turned off the lights to avoid being held accountable. Several poachers were caught red-handed and investigations are ongoing.

The anti-poaching activities in Lebanon are held in partnership and cooperation between MESHC and SPNL on the one hand and between SPNL and the Migratory Soaring Bird (MSB) Project funded by the Global Environment Fund (GEF) and the anti-poaching project funded by MAVA.






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