Energy Awareness Awards

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the IPT Energy Center (IPTEC) are organizing the Energy Awareness Awards, which recognize institutions and organizations in both the public and private sectors including businesses, civil society and academic sector for significant contributions to energy sustainability across Lebanon.

Under the umbrella of the Energy Awareness Awards, UNDP and IPTEC aim at promoting sustainable consumption of energy resources and raising awareness levels on energy-related matters. The objective of the awards is to recognize efforts put forth by institutions and organizations in reducing their energy footprint and integrating sustainable practices within their respective fields. Ultimately, these initiatives would contribute to reducing air pollution at the local level and improve environmental performance also through the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) contributing to climate change.
Applicants are given a chance to be rewarded for accomplishments within the scope of different categories detailed below that contribute to energy sustainability and include developing on-site renewable energy sources; repairing and replacing inefficient equipment; installing energyrelated green information technology software and hardware; rightsizing fleets while increasing the use of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles; developing and advancing new processes to improve productivity; and promoting sustainability throughout organizations through collaborative partnerships, education, and outreach.


The awards recognize outstanding achievements in:

Category I: Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Category II: Renewable Energy

Category III: Transportation and Fleet Management

Category IV: Sustainability Champions

Appreciation Award 2016: Public Energy Action

Category I – Energy Efficiency and Conservation Outstanding achievements in planning, designing, and implementing energy efficiency practices to replace or lower conventional energy consumption. This category includes initiatives at both ends of the supply chain, i.e. at the level of the Energy Supplier and at the level of the Commercial End-User. Also included are exemplary performances on implementing green information technologies (IT), including power management, sustainable electronics acquisition, and data-center sustainability applied to energy efficiency solutions.

Category II – Renewable Energy Outstanding achievements in planning, designing, and constructing small scale, embedded or standalone renewable energy systems to replace or lower conventional energy consumption.

Category III – Transportation and Fleet Management Comprehensive and/or replicable management approaches to fleet management programs. Programs may be at the organizational, local, regional, or national level and should include cross-cutting strategies to achieve and exceed fleet goals. Also included in this category, initiatives looking at improving the efficiency of the transportation sector as a whole, through better planning and implementation of the specific solutions to alleviate pressures on the environment from the transportation sector.

Category IV – Sustainability Champions Institutions and organizations who demonstrate a history of exemplary performance in leading implementation of sustainable practices while reflecting a comprehensive approach to energy management through innovative strategies, practices, and outreach.

Appreciation Award 2016: Public Energy Action For 2016, the appreciation award will reward public authorities at the local and regional level that have shown outstanding achievements in the area of renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean transport.

– The competition will run annually.
– Two winners for every category will receive a substantial prize, a medal and a certificate issued by UNDP and IPTEC.
– Potential shortlisting for another national, regional, and/or international award(s).

– Applications open on September 11th, 2015.
– Applications close on April 11th, 2016.
– Eligible applicants are public and private institutions and organizations including businesses, civil society and academic sector with demonstrated interventions in the field of energy management.
– Research and Development (R&D) papers, projects and products are not eligible. This competition is to collect and showcase outstanding projects with proven results and a high replication potential.

To make a nomination, download and fill the Expression of Interest form and submit it in a sealed envelope at the following address:
To the attention of Ms. Dima Machnouk
Arab African International Bank Bldg.
Riad El Solh Street
Nejmeh, Beirut 2011 5211
Working Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 4:00pm 

The application file should include the below documents:
Commercial registry for businesses or registration papers for NGOs and academic institutions.
For projects of applicants that would have an impact on the community/ village, include an endorsement letter from the relevant local authority.

In assessing the projects presented in the ENERGY AWARENESS AWARDS competition, the following criteria will be evaluated:
– Originality/Innovation and Added Value
– Impact
– Sustainability and Replicability
– Collaborations and Synergies

A panel of experts will review and evaluate the proposals in each of the categories, based on the information provided and developed in the Expression of Interest form. Measurable and verifiable indicators shall be provided by the project proponents wherever possible.

The results will be made public in an event to be announced in due time.

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