Field guide to Butterflies of Lebanon and the Middle East Written and Illustrated by Husein Ali Zorkot

A vivid world of butterflies awaits in this first of a kind comprehensive field guide and reference work. About 560 species of butterflies found across 21 countries in the Middle East are adequately described, including 165 species in Lebanon, about 160 endemics, and 40 threatened species. This book features maps and detailed descriptions of each species, including common, scientific, and Arabic names, geographic distribution, identifying morphological characteristics and colouration patterns, voltinism, habitat, host plants, life histories and behaviours, economic importance, conservation status, and lore, in addition to around 1,200 high quality colour illustrations. The guide also features a thorough 100 page introduction on the butterflies of the Mideast, their distribution and zoogeography, encompassing 28 ecoregions and is the first to describe the fauna and significance of ecologic hima sanctuaries in Lebanon and their potential in butterfly gardening and conservation. Around 600 pgs of scientific facts and 140 colour plates, with a field checklist, glossary, bibliography, and useful Lepidopterist websites.