Homat Al Hima Online Training

Despite the situation, our Homat Al Hima are still active and trying to cope with the circumstances. Our training was supposed to be conducted in our MLHC center with practical educational games but due to the high number of COVID cases and for security reasons, we switched it to a Webinar Zoom meeting.  From different Lebanese villages: Kayfoun, Abay, Hammana, Souk El Ghareb, Bayssour, West Bekaa … the young team; 13 participants joined a zoom training under the MSB (Migratory Soaring Bird) Project on the 26 and 27 of September 2020.
The conducted training was the Level 1 of Homat Al Hima curriculum, introduction sessions for multiple concepts and environmental subjects, all about: Protected Areas (classifications and examples), Natural Resources (importance and types), Ecotourism Guiding, Communication (how to communicate with people and how to interact online with groups), Biodiversity(values and conservation), and responsible hunting (principles and norms).
In spite of the low number of participants, they showed high interest and interaction, giving hope for building constituency for conservation of migratory soaring birds in Lebanon.
Interacting during this situation is very important, staying hopeful and trying to keep the interest in nature and the environment around us is a way to stay positive and motivated.
While attending the online training: Chadi one of Homat Al Hima Hammana was in the Bird Watching site and on the breaks he shared with us live video camera, observing nature and migratory soaring birds and sharing positive vibes even online giving us peace and hope.

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