Homat Al Hima trip to “Darb Al Maaz”

By Zaynab Rady*

Lebanon is dealing with unprecedented spike in illegal hunting, overexploiting wildlife resource. Illegal hunting is one of the biggest threats to the living ecosystem and natural necessities. The evils of illegal hunting could be a chief cause of species population and potential extinction. Actually, we must face the truth that we are killers of those other species of life that share this small planet with us. Accordingly, it is necessary to learn how to live in peace and harmony with each other and with nature. Every now and then thousands of wildlife species particularly birds are being threatened illegally.

Due to this concern, SPNL with the cooperation of “Middle East Center for Responsible Hunting” and “Hunting Magazine” along with the shepherd “Elie Karam” arranged on Tuesday, the 19th of July in 2016, a trip on “Darb Al Maaz” which connects the villages of “Kherbet kanafar” and “Ein Zebde”. This activity is one of the training workshops for Homat Al Hima in both villages funded by the European Union. Approximately twenty girls and boys participated in this activity, they acquired trip and nature skills during day and night, in addition, they learned the directions via astronomy. The trip was held in the presence of Hiba Salloum, member in the municipality of Kherbet kanafar and responsible for environmental and touristic affairs, Andre Bshara, coordinator of eco-tourism in SPNL, Vanessa Khaddage, Capacity Building Coordinator and Homat Al Hima programme manager, Adonis Al Khatib, the president of “Middle East Center for Responsible Hunting” and the editor of “Hunting Magazine” with the collaboration of Zaynab Rady and Tony Hasbani.

* Sustainable Hunting project officer at SPNL

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