How can we REALLY prevent birds from flying into our windows?

Why do birds collide with windows, and how can we help? We explore the science behind bird collisions and dispel some common myths about how to prevent them, shining a spotlight on exciting projects across the world that are making a real difference. And you can join in!


By Jessica Law

This article is part of our Spring Alive programme to inspire and educate children across Africa and Eurasia about the wonders of nature and bird migration.


Nothing is more heart-breaking than hearing that familiar dull thud, and running to find a dusty, bird-shaped imprint on your window. Sometimes, the bird is only stunned, and will live to fly another day. But sometimes, it will not. You may only have encountered this once or twice in your life, but with billions of windows across the world, it all adds up. If you’ve ever seen a dead bird lying on the ground near a bus shelter, tall skyscraper or just a house with windows, this may well have been the reason.

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