Improving Conservation Status of the GTB

Improving Conservation Status of the GTB –  vulnerable specie in the Anjar Hima (Jan – December 2012)

Project Goal: To contribute to the conservation of the Syrian Serin globally threatened bird species in Lebanon

Project objective:To improve the conservation status of the globally threatened Syrian Serin and its habitat at Hima Anjar

Project Activities:

– Draft a Syrian Serin preliminary action plan in collaboration with Anjar municipality and relevant local community groups.

– Develop educational material and activities related to the ecological assets of the region (Syrian Serin, sustainable hunting practices, forests) and the threats in the region.

– Raise awareness among relevant stakeholders with special focus on school children in Anjar village and the Bekaa valley (training teachers in around 7 schools).

– Initiate a site support group / Local conservation group from Anjar community with special focus on the Syrian Serin and the Anjar Hima.

– Build the capacity of the site support group through training on bird identification, bird watching and monitoring.

– Development a pamphlet for Anjar Hima highlighting its assets and attractions (especially Syrian Serin and the forest).

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