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Luc Hoffmann Hima Center Safe Haven for Birds

An aviary gives birds a chance to act as they would in their natural environment especially that “species extinctions” are becoming a global crisis, affecting biodiversity and ecosystem services.

SPNL helps at the rescue of birds shot by poachers, at any cost.

As part of Hima education programme, SPNL aims at spreading awareness among the local communities and the youth to change perceptions.

Children visiting the bird rescue center will learn that they can become the new nature warriors and protectors of those migratory birds.

We hosts endangered bird species

SPNL’s Bird aviary located in Luc Hoffmann Hima Center,Kayfoun - Mount Lebanon, is a dedicated sanctuary for globally endangered bird species, like the Syrian Serin, which is under threat, as defined by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List which classifies species according to degree of danger of extinction, then releasing them into the wild to replenish the numbers of the wild populations.

Bird Rescue Center

Another part of our aviary is also home to a host of impressive Egyptian Vulture named Anahita, who was hatched in Bulgaria, and was on her annual migratory route southward, when contact with her was lost while she was flying over Lebanon’s Metn area. An email sent to SPNL led to a frantic search for the vulture, who was found to be severely injured. She was treated for her injuries, and is now recovering at the MLHC bird aviary. She will eventually be transported back to Bulgaria to help breed more of her species, as, due to her injuries, she will no longer be able to migrate. Unfortunately, she is joined with other shot birds undergoing rehabilitation to be released later, like 2 cranes, a black kite, and other raptors.

Nature warriors: the birds need you!

Children and youth will also learn about the success stories of the rehabilitated and released birds, like “Osmat”, a young crane who spent few weeks with Anahita in the aviary recovering from an injured wing after being shot. Osmat was released to fly back free! Children visiting our center will learn that they can become the new nature warriors, and bird defenders.

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