#photonotbullet Wild Boar Hunters Dani Haddad Group promote responsible hunting

Wild boars herd young with parents , feeding during the day time, ss taken by one of the most known hunters of wild boar in Lebanon Dani Haddad.
But only shooting this time with his camera , as recommended by spnl campaign #photonotbullet and MECRH.
No hunting outside hunting season only shooting photos for wildlife and nature. Hence bringing back the responsible and sustainable hunting heritage by the Lebanese hunters back to the hobby and to Lebanon.

To promote responsible hunting, we’re asking you to get out into nature, and take a photo of a video of a Bird instead of shooting it, because spring is the typical mating season for most bird species. Hunting is prohibited and illegal during this period.
Feel free to use a smartphone or any other photo device – you don’t have to use professional equipment!
Responsible Hunters and Bird Watchers from all over Lebanon will be invited to join the exhibition that will display their pictures. A prize will be awarded to the best 3 photos.
The SPNL EXHIBITION will take place on August 2017 at West Bekaa Country Club.
Once you have shoot your photo, all you have to do is:
1.Upload your photo to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram
2. In the text of your post, include
– where you shoot the photo
– the bird common name (if you know it)
– the hashtag #photonotbullet
If you’re using Twitter, please tag @SpnlOrg E.g.: “A pair of Common mynas, April 2017, American university of Beirut, Lebanon #photonotbullet @SpnlOrg”
3.Post any time before 21 June 2017!
Remember that your social media account should be public if you want us to see the photos.
We will repost our favourites via the @SpnlOrg Twitter account, the best photos will be featured on the SPNL website and on SPNL social media channels including @SpnlOrg,@toyourna , SPNL Facebook, Toyourna Facebook, Responsible Hunting Facebook, Homat Al-Hima Facebook, and SPNL Instagram!
Don’t have a social media account? You can still send us your photos and we will make sure it’s in the running for the best photos to be featured . Just fill in this form, go to https://wetransfer.com, and send the form and your photo to admin@spnl.org
Help us spread the word about how to act responsibly if you are a hunter!

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