Rehabilitation of SPNL Office Facilities Damaged by Beirut Port Blast

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) has just complimented a recently awarded small-grant project by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), intended to support local NGOs, affected by the historic Beirut Port blast of August 4th, to sustain their conservation efforts.

The project aimed at rehabilitating the damages caused by the blast to SPNL’s office facilities at Hamra, Beirut. Main activities included the maintenance of the electrical wires and lighting in addition to replacing the false ceiling, damaged kitchen cabinets, broken windows’ glass, a photocopier machine, and spare parts related to sanitary work in the kitchen and bathroom.

The implemented rehabilitation work has enhanced the overall appearance and safety at the office. This has tangibly improved the wellbeing and comfort of staff, thus their productivity and the value of work. Further, the grant has facilitated resuming operations at the office and across teams faster to usual, without shifting priorities. Indeed, it helped maintain needed resources for undergoing conservation work to stay at the top of SPNL’s priorities and right on track. Supporting the rehabilitation of its main premises, the hub of all conservation work undertaken by SPNL in Lebanon, this CEPF grant has inevitably contributed to ensuring SPNL’s long-term sustainability.

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