SPNL and Bioland Partnership

Bioland and SPNL (Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon) meet on multiple values including:
  • Agriculture, in general, is a main element of Lebanon’s nature
  • Organic Farming & Agriculture (Chemicals & Pesticides free) helps in the protection of Nature in Lebanon
  • Bees are essential for both Human and Nature (Pollination, Orchards, etc.)
  • Goats are a true pillar for nature given their different benefits including forests fire prevention, replantation of rich wild herbs and flowers, etc. Bioland & SPNL offer privileged treatments of projects for goat farming
  • Bioland & SPNL both believe and work for women empowerment through supporting Women COOPs and hiring women to work in HIMA’s, Food Production, Shop, etc.
  • A HIMA is a pure traditional place where organic terroir production is at its best. SPNL helps in creating and allocating these HIMAs and Bioland assists in marketing the products of these HIMAs with its international certification and labeling.
  • Bioland and SPNL are both socially responsible entities applying the fair-trade approach
  • Bioland and SPNL both give value for human being and believe in animals welfare
  • Bioland and SPNL are both oriented towards the preservation of culture, heritage, and terroir products
  • Bioland and SPNL both work on the green education of children and the preparation of the future green minds through educational trips, publications, competitions, social games, etc.
  • Bioland and SPNL have come up with a product line comprising organic wine, organic olive oil, organic honey, and many other products where a special label has been applied. This label highlights some endangered species and that serves as an educative tool about them
  • 5% of of the sales of the these common products contribute to the protection of the environment in Lebanon.

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