SPNL supporting the Hima communities in their fight against Covid-19

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) and the Homat al Hima International Center (HHIC), from the latter’s headquarters in the West Bekaa Country Club, distributed food provisions to a number of families in the Western Bekaa region, in support of their efforts to sit out the global coronavirus crisis.

Assad Serhal, director general of SPNL and the international adviser to the World Council of Birds, gave instructions to support needy people in the areas adjoining the Hima protected areas, stressing the importance of cooperation with the municipalities to confront all the dangers facing humans, birds and animals to preserve the biological balance and continue life in a safe manner.

The distribution of rations was organized by Wissam el Khatib, director of the HHIC, in coordination with the municipalities, based on an appropriate database.

SPNL also provided rations via the Mount Lebanon Hima Center in Kayfoun, 160 food rations for the municipalities of Kayfoun, Shamlan, and Kfarmatta as aid to a number of families in support of their efforts to sit out the coronavirus crisis.

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