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A new report evidencing the benefits of Mobile Pastoralism for people and planet

We’re pleased to announce a new report by the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture detailing the many benefits of mobile pastoralism in the Mediterranean, and the world over. This 10’000-year-old practice, forgotten or lost in some places, may actually be a retro-innovative system of livestock management critical for the sustainability of our planet. With over 100 arguments detailing the …

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Mediterranean Consortium Midyear workshop in Guadalaviar – Spain

SPNL team has participated on the Mediterranean Consortium Midyear workshop that was held in Guadalaviar Spain from July 10 to July 14 2016. The Constortium’s Spanish Partner Tranhumancia y Naturalezea made sure to host the workshop in Guadalaviar for it is the key location for transhumance and home for one of the chief museums on Transhumance in Spain. Discussions on …

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On the Move has made its third stop in Geneva at the Natural History Museum! 

  For the first time, the photographers were present to see how their work has come together. The Mediterranean Consortium partners, MAVA Foundation, and many NGOs and families were also invited to the opening of the exhibition that was held the evening of October 10 2014.       At the opening, cheese products gathered from the different regions of the …

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