Photo Credit: Volen Arkumarev

The Egyptian Vulture “Izzy” spent a SAFE night in Lebanon

On Thursday the 28th of October a joint effort by the  Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) marked a great office and fieldwork performance.

Followed by BSPB through satellite monitoring, a young Egyptian Vulture named Izzy spent the night in Lebanon just above Beirut.

Izzy, a young Egyptian vulture, who was born in captivity in the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center in Bulgaria and released through delayed release method in 2020, flew through Lebanon a few days ago.

Under the watchful eyes of SPNL’s field officer and a friend from the area, the sun rose on her and she continued her journey south peacefully. The presence of the field officer was to ensure her safety and for quick intervention in case the worst happened.

Lebanon remains a black spot for migrating birds due to the immense poaching problem.

Special thanks to Volen Arkumarev from (BSPB) and Maher Ousta from (SPNL). We wish Izi a safe flight and soon to reach the wintering grounds in Africa!

IZi’s exact location while roosting for the night in Lebanon.


SPNL’s field officer Maher Ousta was stationed at this area before sunrise.


Izi’s complete journey through Lebanon as tracked And sent by Volen from BSPB.
At the first morning light Izi flew away due to gunshots nearby. Thankfully the poachers didn’t notice her and Maher Ousta from SPNL managed to take a couple of quick pictures of her.




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