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Unlawfully shot, trapped or even glued: the review estimates 25 million birds are being killed illegally each year. With the help of BirdLife Partners, a list of the ten Mediterranean countries with the highest number of birds thought to be killed each year has been compiled.

Extent of illegal killing of birds in theMediterranean revealed in BirdLife report

BirdLife International’s first review into the illegal killing of birds in the Mediterranean has been published – and it’s uncovered the shocking death toll suffered by a number of the region’s species.

Known as the Birdwatchers’ Glastonbury, the annual event organised jointly by the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and the RSPB was the ‘best ever’ this year, with thousands of nature enthusiasts from across the world venturing to the shores of Rutland Water.

Birdfair 2015 Rutland Water: Hope for migratory birds in the Eastern Mediterranean

Assad Serhal, SPNL’s general director,accompanied by Gilbert Khoury from SPNL Partner Gold Trophy & BioLand , participated in the event vip opening ceremony, with a ppt describing the current hynting law developments in Lebanon , and the need to implement RHAs with local communities , responsible hunters & the respected municipalities.

BirdLife and its national partner organisations have developed a strategy for the African-Eurasian fly-way in order to give migratory birds a better future by 2020, and to stimulate the study and awareness of the magnitude and beauty of migratory birds.

Protecting the Mediterranean’s migratory birds

During their twice-annual migration, birds face two natural hurdles along the Africa-Eurasia Fly-way: the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara desert. Even if they manage to cross those, many succumb to man-made dangers.

The BirdLife-led Migratory Soaring Birds (MSB) project has developed a guidebook that provides practical information to maximize the value that birds bring to the tourism industry while ensuring the conservation of their populations and habitats.

Maximizing the value of birds for tourism – guidebook released

The global tourism industry is reaching new heights with an all-time record of over 1.1 billion international tourists travelling the world in 2014.

SPNL is working hard to create Himas, nature reserves managed with help from local communities. This traditional millennial-old approach is generally better accepted by the population.

Mediterranean Basin Aiming Higher

In the land of the cedar, having feathers is not a good thing. Every year, masses of migratory birds – more than 250 species – stop over in Lebanon, and especially in the Bekaa Plain.

Vultures may not be the prettiest of birds: They are often reviled for their looks, and are prone to illegal killing and poisoning, but it’s hard to argue against their usefulness.

Saving the Egyptian Vulture: Mission still possible

The Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus), for example, feeds primarily on carcasses of dead animals.

A major step for the future of vultures in Asia has been announced by the Indian Ministry of Health. A ban of multi-dose vials of human formulations of diclofenac, which is responsible for the death of tens of millions of Asia’s vultures, has come into force with immediate effect.

Major breakthrough in fight to save Asian vultures from extinction

The painkiller was banned from veterinary use in India in 2006 because of its lethal effects on vultures that feed on the carcasses of treated cattle and buffaloes

As a part of its yearly celebrations to support nature conservation SPNL and the municipality of Anjar organized the Anjar Nature Festival on the 8th of August 2015. The festival of this year was titled “ Be the Change” highlighting the role of youth and women in sustaining natural resources.

Anjar Nature Festival “Be the Change”

The festival was noted by the official opening of the “Souk AlHima Atelier” an SPNL initiative supported by SPNL partners including UN-Women, EU and MAVA foundation, the municipality of Anjar and Anjar Armenian Red Cross.

The first project that Sara started with was the interior design of the “Souk AlHima Atelier” an SPNL initiative supported by SPNL partners including UN-Women, EU and MAVA foundation, the municipality of Anjar and Anjar Armenian Red Cross.

We welcome Art Designer Sara Richani to the team!

 This year Sara Richani has joined the expanding team at SPNL as our Art Designer.
Sara studied interior design at AUST. She’s passionate about art, design and architecture. She’s an animal lover and a big fan of nature.


August 6, 2015 witnessed an exchange visit from IUCN-ROWA and Jordanian officials to Hima Anjar to learn more about the hima site as well as understand more about the hima approach and how it is being implemented.

IUCN-ROWA and Jordanian Officials visit Hima Anjar

The day began with brief welcoming speeches from the Mayor of Anjar and the President of SPNL welcoming their guests. This was followed by a presentation by SPNL Hima Programs Director, Mrs. Dalia Jawhary, who shared details about the MAVA project that is being implemented in the hima site

Bioland and SPNL (Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon) meet on multiple values

SPNL and Bioland Partnership

  • Agriculture, in general, is a main element of Lebanon’s nature
  • Organic Farming & Agriculture (Chemicals & Pesticides free) helps in the protection of Nature in Lebanon
SPNL team has attended the Mediterranean Consortium meeting in Greece from July 27 till July 31 2015. The team consists of Assad Serhal – SPNL Director General, Shalimar Sinno- Project Manager, and Henri Bou Obeid – Chairman of Bioland (SPNL Partner) .

SPNL participates in the Mediterranean Consortium meeting in Greece

A new steering Committee were formed , where Assad Serhal will be representing SPNL .

“On the Move” made its sixth stop in in Greece in the Averoff Museum in Metsovo, with the participation of the Consortium members including a delegation from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon  and the local communities, it was a great success!!

On the Move Exhibition Opening in Pindos

Built in a strategic location amidst the breathtaking setting of the Pindos mountain range, Metsovo is not only part of our study area for transhumance but also the largest centre of Vlach life in Greece!

Through the generous support of the MAVA Foundation, SPNL organized an evaluation and a phase II Planning Workshop for the project titled “ Restoring Hima Ecosystem Function through community based Management “using the Opening Standard Approach .

Project Planning workshop Using the Opening Standards Approach

The workshop was lead by of Mrs. Ilke Tilder from the Foundation of Success and a Coacher on the Open Standards method.

443 – This is the estimated number of Indo-Pacific invasive marine species that have entered the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal since its opening in 1869.

A dangerous swim for the Mediterranean

These species have found the Mediterranean to be a comfortable place to live, but then, who wouldn’t?

It took 8 years and 18 expeditions to New Guinea, Australia, and nearby islands, but Cornell Lab scientist Ed Scholes and National Geographic photographer Tim Laman succeeded in capturing images of all 39 species in the bird-of-paradise family for the first time ever.

Birds-of-Paradise Project

This video gives a sense of their monumental undertaking and the spectacular footage that resulted.

News in Photos

Women Training on Business Planning

Through the support of the UN Women project implemented in Anjar with SPNL the municipality of Anjar and Anjar Armenian Red Cross

Anjar Souk AlHima atelier committee participated in a training on Business planning through the technical support of Almajmoaa organization.



News in Photos

Anjar youth lead on the renovation of the Souk Al- Hima Atelier Garden


Through the support of the MAVA Foundation and in collaboration with the Houmantman Club Scouts group, Anjar youth lead on the renovation of the Souk ALHIMA Atelier Garden .

News in Photos

Isis releases photos of the northern bald Ibis in Palmyra

Isis releases photos of the Northern Bald Ibis in Palmyra — the last surviving colony in the Middle East. The Northern Bald Ibis may become extinct in Syria because of the capture of Palmyra by Islamic State, experts say.

A tiny breeding colony of the northern bald ibis – a critically endangered species – was found near the city in 2002.



News in Photos

Unusual Friendship Boy And Bird

Cats and dogs have been some of mankind’s best friends from the animal kingdom since ancient times, but under special circumstances, close and loving friendships can form between us and other wild animals.

Such is the case with Vadim Veligurov, a 12-year-old boy in Russia who befriended a wild sparrow.



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