Wings & Waves – SPNL’s Newsletter April 2015


Wings & Waves - SPNL's Newsletter
Hima Fakiha contains a very important and fragile xeric ecosystem in Lebanon, and is a stronghold of endemism. The threats of overgrazing, erosion, and desertification are all too real.

Hima Fakiha Wildflower Guide: Get a Spring in your step while outdoors

When one thinks of Lebanon, one does not usually think of desert.  ‘A Field Guide to the Wildflowers of Hima Fakiha and the Adjoining Region’ is a text on the plants found in the semi-arid part of the country. This region has been little studied biologically, especially from a botanical point of view. The guide is designed for graduate students, professional botanists, and conservation biologists, as well as herbalists, amateur naturalists, and laypeople alike. The book will be launched soon in 2015.

Eight Lebanese municipalities have signed a “Declaration for The Conservation and Responsible Hunting of Birds and The full protection of Migratory Soaring Birds (MSBs) from hunting in the Rift Valley / Red Sea Flyway”.

This symbolic yet meaningful gesture reflects the desire of the Lebanese municipalities to see an end to the current long-lasting chaotic hunting situation in the country.

Lebanese Municipalities sign Responsible Hunting Areas declaration to end current chaotic situation

Beirut hosted a workshop titled ”Responsible Hunting management through municipalities” under the “Mainstreaming Conservation of Migratory Soaring Birds into Key Productive Sectors along the Rift Valley/Red Sea Flyway (MSB)” project.  MSB is a GEF funded project, implemented in Lebanon by the UNDP, and hosted by the Ministry of Environment. It is technically supported by BirdLife’s partner in Lebanon, the Society for Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL).

SPNL is shortlisted to receive CSR Levant Award 2015

Lebanon will host the first CSR Levant Summit to be held on 15-17 April 2015 at ESA Business School (École supérieure des affaires) in Beirut.

The organizer of the event announced that The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) is among the shortlisted candidates to receive the CSR Levant Award under the category “Best NGO/NPO”.

The first class of Wood Carving Techniques, took place in Anjar on the 28th of March. The trainer, Mr. Walid Karroum, the outdoor educational expert, Mr. Andre Bechara, SPNL photographer, Mr. Adonis El-Khatib and SPNL field coordinator Mr. Berj Tamberian took part in organizing the activity.

SPNL is training local communities to make Traditional Flutes and  Wood Carving Techniques

Within the EU funded project “Enhancing livelihoods of local Lebanese communities in Hima territories; from social, economic and natural perspectives” framework, the first two classes of Traditional Flutes Making, took place in Anjar on the 15th of March. The trainer, Mr. Joe Dagher, SPNL project manager Mrs Giulia Del Sarto, the outdoor educational expert, Mr. Andre Bechara and SPNL field coordinator Mr. Berj Tamberian took care of the organization for the activity. First, Mr. Dagher started explaining the basics of reed instruments and discussing how cultures around the world came to create and use reeds as instruments by showing examples of flutes from different regions from South American to Middle Eastern.

SPNL introduce migratory birds to the ACS students

As part of the Responsible Hunting activities, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL), organized an educational seminar to the students of The American Community School at Beirut (ACS) about the migrating birds, In the presence of chief editor of “Hunting Magazine” and director of Middle East Center for Responsible Hunting in SPNL Adonis-Khatib.

The new App also allows you to share your magical moments with nature as they happen with your family, friends, colleagues and other NatureWatch users.

Become a conservationist on your next trip and download NatureWatch  at

NatureWatch App – Watch nature, share moments, conserve sites

NatureWatch is a new iPhone App from BirdLife International and SPNL which allows you to plan your wildlife adventures, share your experiences, and help conserve some of the best sites for wildlife in the world. “Covering 533 Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas in Australia, Cyprus, Fiji, Lebanon, Malaysia and South Africa, NatureWatch gives people who care about these sites a global voice”, said Dr Hazell Shokellu Thompson – Acting Chief Executive Officer, BirdLife International.

The event is organized by SPNL and the municipality of Anjar, with the support of MAVA and EU projects in the Anjar Hima visitor center.

Easter Open Day for Nature and Life in Hima Anjar

Anjar local conservation groups who are working with SPNL on raising awareness on the nature and biodiversity value of Anjar launched an open Day for Nature and Life titled “Easter Open Day”.

Pregnant rare monk seal found dead in Raouche

The marine life in Lebanon was affected by a new loss, when one of the rare types of “monk seals”, which resides on the coast of Beirut was found dead, where it was taking shelter in what is known as the “Cave of seals” at ‘’Raouche’’ Beach.

Forest Sustainability in North Lebanon: A Challenging

Forests sustainability is a challenging task in a complex socioeconomic context. North Lebanon is a critical zone harboring forests of key ecological value and is one of the most deprived regions in Lebanon with high poverty rates

Meet the animal that’s rare- and cuter- than Panda

Native to a remote region of China, this tiny mammal, known as the Ili pika, doesn’t know it’s a member of an endangered species – and neither do most people. Rarer – and some would argue cuter- than the panda, there are less than 1,000

The Amiq Wetland by Mahdi Skafi


News in Photos


The Pine Forests of Akkar by Antoine Daher

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