SPNL's News

June, 2018

  • 18 June

    Assad Serhal Nominated for MIDORI Prize by Birdlife International

    The Director General of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon or SPNL, Assad Serhal, was nominated for the Midori Prize for his work to advance nature conservation within his homeland of Lebanon, working tirelessly for pragmatic win-win solutions that are equally good for nature and people. The MIDORI Prize was established by the AEON Environmental Foundation in …

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May, 2018

  • 5 May

    Afaf Osseiran elected new SPNL president

    All of the 12 nominees listed in SPNL’s nomination Circular were elected by acclamation. The New president of SPNL is Ms. Afaf Osseiran, wife of the late president Ramzi El Saidi. She will be the first woman that will lead SPNL towards the continuous efforts to save nature in Lebanon. The list of the new board was as follows: Ms. …

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  • 1 May

    SPNL signs MOU with The Cooperation without Borders (CWB) for Tailored Development

    On 24 November 2017, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Cooperation without Borders (CWB) for Tailored Development. Whereas SPNL mission is to protect nature, birds, and biodiversity in Lebanon and promote the sustainable use of resources by reviving the concept of Al Hima; Whereas, CWB mission is to promote community-based socio-economic …

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April, 2018

  • 30 April

    Olive Oil & Rewilding | Lush Summit 2018

    Olive oil has regenerative power not only for our bodies, but the right farming approaches can help integrate war refugees, protect ancient habitats and cultures and prevent the illegal slaughter of birds. We’ll hear about the power of olive oil from three projects Lush sources from in Lebanon, Turkey, and Spain.

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  • 21 April

    Ramzi El Saidi: A Lebanese hero of nature conservation

    Ramzi Saidi, SPNL’s president has passed away on Wednesday 28th of March 2018, in Lebanon. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to this man of few words, decisive action and unswerving commitment and his love for art and nature. Saidi life and achievements serve to highlight the bright side of human nature. He has put his intellectual talents and his …

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  • 21 April

    Ramzi El Saidi: Lifetime of Art collecting sums up a lifelong love

    SPNL.ORG is republishing this article in memory of SPNL late president Mr. Ramzi El Saidi who died on Wednesday 28th of March 2018.  It is said by artists and critics alike that the most important collections of art in the world are amassed not by museum committees or panels of jurors but by individuals. And moreover, that such collections tell you as …

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March, 2018

  • 28 March

    The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon mourns its president, Ramzi El Saidi

    Dear friends and members We have a very saddening news to share with you. We lost our beloved President Mr. Ramzi El Saidi this Wednesday 28th of March. Condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues in SPNL. His memory will be honored by the continuation of the work he was involved in to protect Lebanon’s nature.  

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  • 14 March

    Action plan for how MCNC project will continue in the future

    The Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture team (or MCNC for short) has had their closure meeting in Greece- Athens on March 14 & 15 2018. MCNC is a collective movement to support and raise awareness on cultural practices that have a positive impact on biodiversity in the Mediterranean. Currently made up of 6 partners, we work with communities to …

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February, 2018

  • 8 February

    SPNL’s Hima approach is part of Annahar special Edition

    Annahar Lebanese daily newspaper launched a special issue, that was published today, which features an unprecedented group of prestigious guest writers. Over 250 iconic personalities, including SPNL Managing Director Assad Serhal, wrote in the special issue, hosted by the issue’s guest Editor-in-Chief, governor of Banque du Liban Dr. Riad Salameh. These contributors are established pioneers in their respective fields, who will …

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December, 2017

November, 2017

  • 15 November

    Meet the Eco-Travelling Kid Samuel Hodge

    Samuel Hodge is a 7 years old Eco-Travelling Kid! SPNL is happy to announce that Samuel and his family will be visiting Lebanon next spring, and we are very enthusiastic to have Samuel get involved with us. He will be visiting Hima Anfeh in North Lebanon in one of the best Birding Adventures. The trip will be guided by Dr. Ghassan Jaradi, the ornithologist of …

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October, 2017

  • 30 October

    Evergreen Environmental Club

    Evergreen club was initiated in 2017 in order to start and maintain a successful environmental society at AUB. The club continues to pursue its activities in 2018 under the slogan: “THERE IS NO PLANET B”. Our vision is to create an environmental friendly society at AUB which can get the students actively involved in Environmental Education which will make it …

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September, 2017

  • 11 September

    Krystel Doumit

    “Being part of SPNL gave me hope that the environment and nature in lebanon are not forgotten. A lot of people care and fight everyday to protect the diversity and richness of our land and I am proud to be part of it.”

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  • 4 September

    Ghida Alame

    Ghida Alame: My journey at SPNL was definitely a great start for me. I had a great time working and expending my knowledge on responsible hunting in Lebanon in particular. This internship made me realize how important NGOs like this are, promoting a safe and sustainable environment for our beloved country.

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