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December, 2015

  • 31 December

    Season’s Greetings


    Dear colleagues and friends Blame it on the Christmas spirit, or simply on the fatigue of a frantic season of work, but for once, we are tempted to indulge in a little optimism. Wishing you happy holidays and a prosperous New Year. It has been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to our continued partnership in 2016. …

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  • 31 December

    Extraordinary 2015: Collaboration is the engine of innovation at SPNL

    Assad Serhal

    Our mission at SPNL is to work together for nature and people. As part of our longstanding commitment to Nature, we work with our partners to develop innovative approaches to the local communities. Collaboration is the engine of innovation at SPNL. Many events in 2015, have warmed our hearts and will live with us in the years to come, the …

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  • 13 December

    International Conference on Landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean

    Jordan Medscape 2015

    International Conference on Landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean: Challenges, Opportunities, Prospects and Accomplishments Under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bint Ali, the German Jordanian University GJU and the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature RSCN organized the international conference on “Landscapes of the Eastern Mediterranean: challenges opportunities, prospects and accomplishments”.  The Conference is conducted on 13th and 14th …

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November, 2015

  • 28 November

    SPNL recognised as a finalist for the Equator Prize 2015

    SPNL finalist for the Equator Prize 2015

    The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon chosen as a finalist for the Equator Prize 2015. The Equator Prize is awarded biennially to recognize and advance local sustainable development solutions for people, nature and resilient communities. As local and indigenous groups across the world chart a path towards sustainable development, the Equator Prize shines a spotlight on their efforts …

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  • 27 November

    SPNL Participates at IUCN Regional Forum of Conservation


    Under the title ; “Innovative natural solutions: Motivating change” The 8th Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) was be held in Amman, Jordan from the 10th – 12th November, 2015.  The Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) aims at providing governments, NGOs, partners and the private sector a platform to engage; to discuss key conservation issues as well as provide an opportunity to prepare for an …

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August, 2015

  • 30 August

    SPNL and Bioland Partnership


    Bioland and SPNL (Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon) meet on multiple values including: Agriculture, in general, is a main element of Lebanon’s nature Organic Farming & Agriculture (Chemicals & Pesticides free) helps in the protection of Nature in Lebanon Bees are essential for both Human and Nature (Pollination, Orchards, etc.) Goats are a true pillar for nature …

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  • 30 August

    We welcome Art Designer Sara Richani to the team!


    This year Sara Richani has joined the expanding team at SPNL as our Art Designer. Sara studied interior design at AUST. She’s passionate about art, design and architecture. She’s an animal lover and a big fan of nature. The first project that Sara started with was the interior design of the “Souk AlHima Atelier” an SPNL initiative supported by SPNL …

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  • 30 August

    IUCN-ROWA and Jordanian Officials visit Hima Anjar

    ordanian Officials visit Hima Anjar 2

    August 6, 2015 witnessed an exchange visit from IUCN-ROWA and Jordanian officials to Hima Anjar to learn more about the hima site as well as understand more about the hima approach and how it is being implemented. Moreover, members from government and non-government institutions in Lebanon were also invited on behalf of SPNL. The day began with brief welcoming speeches …

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  • 28 August

    Project Planning workshop Using the Opening Standards Approach


    Through the generous support of the MAVA Foundation, SPNL organized an evaluation and a phase II Planning Workshop for the project titled “ Restoring Hima Ecosystem Function through community based Management “using the Opening Standard Approach . The workshop was lead by of Mrs. Ilke Tilder from the Foundation of Success and a Coacher on the Open Standards method. The …

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July, 2015

  • 27 July

    SPNL participates in the Mediterranean Consortium meeting in Greece


    SPNL team has attended the Mediterranean Consortium meeting in Greece from July 27 till July 31 2015. The team consists of Assad Serhal – SPNL Director General, Shalimar Sinno- Project Manager, and Henri Bou Obeid – Chairman of Bioland (SPNL Partner) . The aim of the meeting was to discuss further the project’s phase 2 for the coming 2.5 years. …

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  • 17 July


    Great Crested Grebe with its chick, Bulgaria, 5 July 2015, (C) Ghassan Ramadan Jaradi

    Hope, Love & Laughter; Warmth, Prosperity & Joy; A fragrant bouquet filled with life; You may Enjoy! A very happy Eid – full of wonderful feasts, jubilation and happiness! The Great Crested Grebe winters in Lebanon and passes during migration throughout the country. The scientific adviser of SPNL , Dr Ghassan Ramadan Jaradi, photographed this Great Crested Grebe with its …

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June, 2015

  • 19 June

    Japanese Ambassador Host Dinner for Lebanese Environmental NGOs


    Japanese Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Seiichi Otsuka hosted a dinner for the Lebanese NGOs working for nature conservation in Lebanon. SPNL delegation to the dinner was: SPNL President Ramzi Saidi , Director General Assad Serhal, and Hima Program  Manager Dalia Jawhary. Japan’s GGP has so far extended more than US$ 13.9 Million to Lebanon since 1996 to finance development projects implemented …

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  • 16 June

    Minister Machnouk launches NatureWatch App


    The Lebanese minister of Environment Mohamad Machnouk launched NatureWatch App in a ceremony held the in the Green Hall at the Ministry of Environment’s headquarters in Beirut. NatureWatch is a new iPhone App from BirdLife International and SPNL which allows you to plan your wildlife adventures, share your experiences, and help conserve some of the best sites for wildlife in …

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  • 7 June

    Summer is here at The Garden Show


    Summer is here, and with the longer, warmer days comes the desire to spend time outside, out of the city, surrounded by green. Looking to inspire in that direction is the 12th edition of The Garden Show and Spring Festival, launched Tuesday at the Beirut Hippodrome. Nestled under the shade of rare Beiruti trees, just a short walk through bright …

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  • 7 June

    R-KNOW workshop in Sharam El-Sheikh

    R-KNOW workshop in Sharam El-Sheikh

    The “Regional Knowledge Network on Systemic Approaches to Water Resources Management (R-KNOW)” project is a three year ENPI funded regional project working in five countries (Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and Morocco) where its main goal is to promote systemic approaches to integrated water resource management, throughout the region among researchers, experts, practitioners and other stakeholders with an interest in this …

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