A Hima Young Leader Recognized Globally

Sbidag Demirigian a young leader from Hima Anjar, who had the chance to represent her country in the Design for Change Celebration that took place in Mexico in September 2015. Sbidag was selected by the Design for Change Lebanon, for her inspiring project “More Sun Less Pollution” which highlights the creation of solar heater from waste products. ‘Be The Change’ (BTC) celebrations is a huge event that provides young super heros from across the world with the platform to showcase their stories of change in their countries. The celebrations honors and recognizes the role of young leaders as agents of change for their courage and determination to change the world around them. SPNL in collaboration with DFC Lebanon started to adopt this approach as a part of its educational program “School with No Walls” in the 15 Hima sites. For SPNL young leaders are the future for sustainable development, accordingly SPNL is investing in raising their capacities through different interventions including the created “Homat Al Hima” fund. Sbidag is currently disseminating her project idea and applying it on a village scale, she is teaching her class mates how they can be the agents for change.


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