Environmental education session for 60 Children from Ebel el Saqi

In the framework of “BioConnect”, a project funded by the European Union, an environmental education session for 60 Children from Ebel el Saqi was organized despite the schools strike and closure. This session was held in the Hima center in coordination with Ebel el Saqi municipality. Participants were happy to learn more about their surrounding nature, with an interesting participation of few parents that showed excitement toward the information they discovered during the session.

Migration and sustainable hunting was the main topic, as we are in the middle of the migration season we had the chance to witness the passage of a huge flock of cranes. Learning by doing is the hallmark of outdoor education. SNOW is impacting young and adults. It’s a lifelong experience.

These sessions will contribute to raising awareness among school’s students and inducing positive behavior change for young generation towards empowering them to be the pioneers of future conservation actions.

BioConnect is a project funded by the European Union. It aims to ensure effective management and governance in sites of ecological importance and expending biodiversity protection in southern Lebanon.

SNOW is an environmental and educational program developed and implemented by SPNL and Great Escape targeting children between 7 and 12 years old to raise awareness and contribute to building environmentally responsible generations using interactive and fun-based techniques.