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Japanese Embassy field visit to Hima Ras Al Maten

As a follow up to the meeting at the Japanese Embassy during February, and the interest in supporting Wildlife Rescue Center, a field visit to Hima Ras Al Maten was organized on Friday 1 March 2019 for representatives from the Embassy. The representatives included Ms. Ai Odoriba, and Mr. Nader Siam. The field visit started with an introduction at the municipality about the village, then visiting the Hima location explaining its ecological importance as a bottleneck for Migratory Soaring Birds, then to the land donated thankfully by Mr. Yousef Abd Al Samad to establish the Wildlife Rescue Center. The field visit ended by a local brunch from the hospitality of Hima Ras Al Maten people.

The Ras El Maten Hima/KBA area has an overall objective to conserve endemic and endangered wildlife and their habitats, incorporate wildlife conservation as an integral part of sustainable human development and strengthen the institutional capacity of local government agencies and non-governmental organizations.


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