Ras El Matn honors Asaad Serhal


Ras El Matn honors Asaad Serhal, Director of the SPNL, under the patronage of the honorable Minister Dr. Nasser Yassin on the 11th of November 2022. The event was organized by Ras El Matn Municipality, The Maten Environment and Sustainable Development (MESD) and Hima Raselmaten.
Honoring us with their presence were the very dear MP Mr Hady Aboulhossn and distinguished speakers who had the opportunity to work closely for many years with Mr. Serhal, as Mr. Fadi Ghanem, Chairman of the IUCN National Committee of Lebanon, Mr. Malek Ghandour, Lebanese Environmental Group Chairman, Eng. Refaat Noueihed from Hima Raselmaten, Ghada W Ghazal from The MESD.
The chief host, Ras El Matn Mayor Mr. Raja Aboureslan also delivered a welcome speech and thanked all the attendees to this magnanimous event.
The program started with the inauguration of the “Dream Trail” by Mr. Serhal and many more nature lovers and hikers at 11:00 am in the area overlooking Lamartine Valley. At noon all were invited to have a traditional sumptuous lunch at Mr. Samah Gharzeddine and his wife Awatef. The official program started at 3:30 pm
The master of the ceremony was Mrs. Lina Makarem Salha, Raselmaten’s public school principal.
Many more prominent and active citizens of our region and representatives of different NGOs were also present.
A special touch was the introduction of the group of volunteers headed by Mr. Nasr Makarem, who dedicate themselves to cleaning the main streets of our town. Their presence drove the admiration of all present. Big thanks to each and every one of them.
From our MESD and Hima Raselmaten, the person in charge to prepare the new route trail was Mr. Nabil. F. Makarem under the direction of Eng. Refaat Noueihed with the initiative and sponsorship of The SPNL.
The Minister of Environment also paid a visit to the Raselmaten Fire Fighters department. In theend, we all had a gathering at the Mayor’s office, Mr. Raja Aboureslan.
Thanks to all for their cooperation and support of all these activities that enrich our community and raise awareness collectively, while it helps our society to enjoy better life and nature.



Article by Talal Gharzeddine