Six Himas in Jordan, Cyprus, and Greece through the Medscapes project

Jordan visit SPNL
Cyprus Visit SPNL

The Hima approach has been revived by SPNL to protect nature, birds and biodiversity in Lebanon and to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources through community based managed areas. Many international NGOs have adopted the Hima concept for being an approach for protecting natural resources through involving the communities, that have proven success on environmental, cultural, social, and economic level.

Today, Jordan, Cyprus, and Greece have adopted the Hima concept to officially have two Himas in each country through the Medscapes project. SPNL team has been wandering during November 2015 between Jordan (RSCN and GJU), Cyprus (Laona Foundation and OUC), and Greece (Med-INA and UAG) for the mentoring visit over the adoption of Hima. The visits included field trips to the Hima sites, meetings with local authorities, and meetings with the communities who showed very high interest in the Hima approach. A set of objectives and activities have been placed for each Hima and a memorandum of understanding was signed by official members.

Hima approach is now adopted by European countries in order to strengthen community involvement in managing protected areas such as SPA, Natura 2000, and UNESCO geoparks. This is a new milestone for the revival of the Hima approach.

This is just the start, a full project and program will be developed for a successful and long term management of the sites in collaboration with the above partners.

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