SPNL and MESD welcomes BirdLife Sweden and Switzerland in The Upper Al Maten Hima

By Talal Gharzeldeen 

We are pleased to welcome for the 3rd time to Raselmaten & Hammana on the 10th of September 2019, the team of Birdlife Switzerland & Birdlife Sweden to Al Maten region which is considered one of the most important bird’s migrating routs in the world. All thanks to the organization of The Society of the protection of Nature in Lebanon ( SPNL) and the MESD as a coordinator-host. This time The municipality of Hammana along with the advise and support of the SPNL, The Birdlife Sweden & Birdlife Switzerland have made a special platform on a high spots of Hema Hammana in the mountains to have a clear view for bird lovers from the world over to come and watch the very attractive and wide variety of birds, coming all the way from Europe traveling towards the African continent.

Recently the Swedish partner of Birdlife (birdwatch) has invited and trained 4 students from Raselmaten to become an eco-tourist guide in bird watching for the Upper Al Maten region in Mount Lebanon. As of the 1rst day of activities the team was welcomed by the general director of The SPNL Mr. Asaad Serhal & Mr. Shawki Saidi, founder and board member of the SPNL, along with some the organization personnel accompanied by some members of the MESD family including the Hommat Al Hima of Raselmaten team, to the above mentioned recently built platform. This will be a golden opportunity to develop the eco-tourism and bring this area to a new concept of tourism through bird watching. Soon we will be also welcoming new groups from different European Countries for the same purpose.

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