SPNL First Lodge and Hima Farm at Tyre

Since the inception of SPNL in 1984, the Saidi family placed its Tyre residence and gardens at the disposal of SPNL management and staff.  It was from this hub the last and most beautiful sandy beach was proclaimed a protected area.

It was from this hub SPNL was able to stop the transfer of sand from this beach through the interference of one of the founders with the Lebanese Army General that this theft was stopped and hundreds of tractors and loaders were confiscated by the Army.

The white-spectacled Bulbul chicks on the safety of Hima Farm at Tyre

It was from this hub SPNL created its first Hima in Ebel Es Saqi at the southern border of Lebanon and which is exactly on the flyway of the migrating birds.

It was from this hub SPNL created the Qoleileh Hima on the Mediterranean beach.

The Tyre lodge is a bird sanctuary for many speeches including the threatened Syrian Serin and Palestinian Sun Bird. The Tyre lodge is being used by SPNL management and staff for meetings and entertaining of guests.

Mohamad Safieldin (C)

Mohamad Safieldin (C)

The property has an area of more than fifty thousand square meters planted with avocado trees, Bananas and Citrus trees. The gardens of the residence has a large variety of trees some being flowering trees, plants and bushes as well as a variety of fruit trees which are shared with the birds.

It is strategically situated on the main road to Qana and about two kilometers from the beach reserve of Tyre.

This is the first in a series of Hima farms at the various regions of Lebanon, namely Tyre, Mount-Lebanon, West Beqaa, Central Beqaa, and North Beqaa, Anfeh, and Akkar.
This innovative SPNL/HH International initiative is aiming to sustain Hima farms, farmers, fishermen and the local communities at large, in addition to providing birds and other wildlife safe sanctuaries, as no hunting areas, pesticides and chemical free.
SPNL/HHI works in partnership with the Private sector, International Environment organizations, local and international decision makers and donors to achieve this big dream for Lebanon.

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