SPNL Launches New Arabic Print Biannually Magazine, Focused on Al Hima

SPNL Launches New Arabic Print Biannually Magazine, Focused on Al Hima SPNL is launching an Arabic print edition ALHIMA, with the premiere issue hitting newsstands this week and featuring several topics including the efforts done by SPNL to revive Hima.


Commenting on the launching, SPNL Director and Birdlife International Global Councillor Assad Serhal said, “For over 30 years we have made Himas revive. These are communities in protected areas where human society lives and meets its needs without compromising the natural environment. We help communities to promote a respectful and reasoned approach to nature while conserving the protected area and species that live there, in a sustainable and ecological-economic model. This magazine is reflecting all that we are doing for Hima communities.


According to the Editor in Chief, the veteran environmental journalist Raghida Haddad” There aren’t many new print publications being launched in this tough media climate, but SPNL Magazine is trying just that. The team behind Al Hima Magazine is fully dedicated to keeping the readers in the loop of what is being done to protect the environment through the Hima approach”.

“This magazine, Al-Hima, is a gift to Arab environmentalists on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL). Its aim is to deliver the association’s message of preserving nature, its resources, and biodiversity by establishing a Hima. This initiative, in which the association carries its flag, is receiving increasing demand, especially among young people who dream of living in a better environment”. Haddad added. 

Weighing in at 100 pages, The first issue, which has a February 2023 date, contains interviews and articles by Assad Serhal, Hala Kilani, Abdel Hadi Alnajjar, Dr. Ghassan Jaradi, Malek Ghandour, Elie Haddad, Andre Bechara, Takeshi Hoshida, Hussien Zorkot, Rania Khalil, Bassima Khatib, Adonis Khatib, Matthew Enderlein, and Shirine Bou Raffoul. The new magazine shares the same views as spnl.org, the website launched by SPNL in 2008 to serve as its online home. In utilizing the Alhima name, the new magazine will also have more freedom in linking back and forth between the print and online destinations.


We hope you enjoy reading the Magazine