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Digging For Mudfish

  Mudfish is the most popular fish in places like Nigeria, Benin and Togo and Ghana. Mudfish are freshwater fish that love to live in wetlands or other soggy areas. What’s special about these torpedo-like wee fish is that they can exist without water for months at a time by burying themselves in damp soil, leaf matter, or under tree-roots …

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We are not alone – alien plants & animals invade Europe

As of today, leading European experts will gather for three days of intensive discussion in Luxembourg to assess the spread of alien lifeforms among us. Top of the agenda will be an updated appraisal of the current alien invasion risk and a resolution outlining high priority security measures – biosecurity measures that is. For the menace tackled at the NEOBIOTA …

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Book Review: Back from the Brink

• Success stories of animals threatened with extinction whose fortunes have been reversed • Tales of lifetimes dedicated to wildlife conservation • Features some of the most iconic animals from around the world Back from the Brink is an antidote to a world that seems full of stories of wildlife doom and gloom. Amongst all the loss of habitat and …

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News in Photos: White Storks leave Germany already for the south

    A group of White Storks gather on a field in Hessen, southwestern Germany on September 2, 2013. Some migratory birds leave Germany already for the south. Photo credit: AFP PHOTO / DPA / BORIS ROESSLER

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