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Lebanon is fighting poachers in response to #FlightForSurvival campaign

Under The patronage and The presence of Minister of Environment and Ministry of Interior, represented by  Saliba and Lt Col. Joseph Moussallem from The Lebanese Internal Forces, and representative of Minister Hassan Murad. Blackspot for migrating birds, and the active participation of Responsible Hunting Clubs; Environment NGOs, Hima municipalities, Birdlife Switzerland and decision-makers, from various sectors. Speeches stressing the importance …

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SPNL Launched the Arabic Version of #FlightForSurvival

This autumn, BirdLife continues to tell the spectacular migratory stories of seven iconic birds. Last spring, our magnificent seven made nature’s most incredible journey north along the African-Eurasian flyway. Along the way we exposed the illegal threats they face. This second season, launching at the legendary Birdfair at the Rutland Nature Water Reserve in the UK, they start their return …

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