Lebanon is fighting poachers in response to #FlightForSurvival campaign

Under The patronage and The presence of Minister of Environment and Ministry of Interior, represented by  Saliba and Lt Col. Joseph Moussallem from The Lebanese Internal Forces, and representative of Minister Hassan Murad.
Blackspot for migrating birds, and the active participation of Responsible Hunting Clubs; Environment NGOs, Hima municipalities, Birdlife Switzerland and decision-makers, from various sectors.
Speeches stressing the importance of The Lebanese Peace treaty for birds, trees; people, and the zero tolerance for poachers; violators of The Hunting Law, especially pertaining to The migrating soaring birds & in particular the White Stork.
ISF claimed the 40 poachers were arrested in the last 10 days at Akkar / North Lebanon & Beqqa Valley, bringing the number of arrested violators of the hunting season to 160 individuals. Including individuals catching birds by glue and mist nets & other illegal acts, i.e. selling wild birds, no hunting permits or hunting nongame species or shooting numbers above the game birds allowed, etc..

A big success story for all ministries, NGOs, municipalities, responsible hunters & bird lovers indeed.

Much thanks to All involved, especially to Birdlife International for the Magnificent Seven, Flight for Survival campaign, and All of our donors & partners, mainly GEF migratory soaring birds, EU Egyptian Vulture project, MAVA Foundation, Bird Fair and many others.

Special thanks go to West Bekaa Country Club and Adonis Khatib project coordinator & Anti Poaching unit at SPNL.

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