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Butterflies on display inside new Butterfly Haven in Hima Khorbet Kanafar

SPNL’s Expert in Freshwater Aquatic Ecosystems and Herpetology has liked butterflies his whole life. This year, Husein Zorkot’s dream of opening a butterfly pavilion is coming true. “The Butterfly Pavilion is now at Homat al Hima International Park in Khorbet Kanafar! The one and only Lepidopterarium in Lebanon! The pavilion will house a botanical herb garden plus be a place …

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 Beehive at Hima Park Khorbet Kanafar

A swarm of honey bees decided an almond tree by the Hima Park Khorbet Kanafar was the best place to start up a colony. Their presence is a great indicator of the success of SPNL project at HHI Park, butterflies garden, and the surrounding hima farm. On 20 December 2017, the United Nations General Assembly by consensus a resolution declaring …

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