Butterflies on display inside new Butterfly Haven in Hima Khorbet Kanafar

SPNL’s Expert in Freshwater Aquatic Ecosystems and Herpetology has liked butterflies his whole life. This year, Husein Zorkot’s dream of opening a butterfly pavilion is coming true.
“The Butterfly Pavilion is now at Homat al Hima International Park in Khorbet Kanafar! The one and only Lepidopterarium in Lebanon! The pavilion will house a botanical herb garden plus be a place where native butterflies develop and complete their life cycles.

This 20 by 10 m greenhouse is covered in netting all year with an added layer of agricultural plastic during the winter, facilitating warmth and insulation in cold months. A diverse choice of plants will be planted here, ranging from medicinal and edible plants, frost-tender plants, shade plants, and succulents. Each species will have name labels so that you can learn your plants! A trail leads right through the greenhouse, where you can also stop and look at butterflies in action, fluttering here and nectaring there.

The Butterfly Pavilion will also be a place where Husein Zorkot, butterfly garden field manager, prepares next spring’s blooms! The butterfly garden will host around 120 species of native butterfly plants and the greenhouse will keep these seedlings warm until they can be planted out in the garden each spring.
Zorkot says it also takes consistent effort to landscape and maintain the right conditions for the greenhouse where the butterflies are kept.
The Butterfly Haven is located at the verdure Bekaa valley of Lebanon, West Bekaa Country Club (WBCC). It is a very special place that makes you feel like in paradise! SPNL is thankful for the generous funding from Lush and MAVA.
Come and enjoy our butterflies at the Butterfly Pavilion, and bring your family and friends along and have a fun time.


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