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Horwath HTL Visit to SPNL 

Horwath HTL, the global leader in hotel, tourism, and leisure consulting, has been assigned by MAVA Foundation under MAVA’s organizational development program. Horwath was consulted to assist and give strategic advice to SPNL for full NGO review, financial and sustainability strategy. Horwath team Mrs. Christina Choueifaty and Mr. Mehdi Belabbes have visited SPNL from May.21 to May.24 2018 to evaluate …

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Maximizing the value of birds for tourism – guidebook released

By Julien.Jreissati, The BirdLife-led Migratory Soaring Birds (MSB) project has developed a guidebook that provides practical information to maximize the value that birds bring to the tourism industry while ensuring the conservation of their populations and habitats. The global tourism industry is reaching new heights with an all-time record of over 1.1 billion international tourists travelling the world in 2014. …

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