Horwath HTL Visit to SPNL 

Horwath HTL, the global leader in hotel, tourism, and leisure consulting, has been assigned by MAVA Foundation under MAVA’s organizational development program. Horwath was consulted to assist and give strategic advice to SPNL for full NGO review, financial and sustainability strategy. Horwath team Mrs. Christina Choueifaty and Mr. Mehdi Belabbes have visited SPNL from May.21 to May.24 2018 to evaluate and give assistance to SPNL in developing its financial strategy and build its sustainability. 

May.21.2018 was a full day meeting at SPNL’s office. The meeting included a brief of SPNL’s activities with special highlight on SPNL’s Mount Lebanon Hima Center (MLHC) in Hima Kayfoun and Homat Al Hima International Park (HHIP) in West Bekaa Country Club which will act as two centers hosting Homat Al Hima capacity building trainings, school program activities, souk el Hima gift shops, in addition to community center, park and trail in Hima Kayfoun and butterfly garden and trail in West Bekaa which will act as income generating activities for the local community.

Dr. Mariah Gabriella Trovato, Professor in the Landscape Department at AUB, joined the meeting to explain further on the landscape character assessment and design that was done for both sites to produce a final landscape design as attractions for eco-tourism and agro-tourism. Mr. Ibrahim Saidi, member of the executive committee of SPNL, who joined through a phone call from Nigeria, and Dr. Aliya Saidi Nasser, auditor of the executive committee of SPNL, also attended to support SPNL and speak about its vision in achieving sustainability through addressing unrestricted funds in its new financial strategy.


SPNL’s financial strategy was discussed in details with special focus on the current and future vision of the organization’s financial commitments. Mr. Ibrahim Saidi, joined through phone Two Skype calls followed the discussion with Mr. Henry Bou Obeid and Mr. Gilbert Khoury from Bioland and Mr. Tom Chambers from LUSH to speak about the private sector partnership with SPNL and its support to SPNL’s vision in ensuring the respect of Nature, HIMAs and biodiversity. 

On May 22 Horwath team visited with SPNL Mount Lebanon Hima Center in Hima Kayfoun. The day started with a field visit to Gandour’s potential B& B & Hima Farm at Souk Al-Gherb, visited the Hima farm, and experienced the organic breakfast. The team met with Municipal members from Hima Kayfoun and Shimlan lead by the mayors Mr. Ali Dagher and Mr. Issam Hitti. The day ended with a lunch in Al Sakhra Restaurant in Shimlan, overlooking Beirut airport & the Mediterranean Sea.

On May 23, Horwath team visited Homat Al Hima International Park in West Bekaa Country Club. The team met Mr. Jean Mayne, Director General of WBCC, & discussed his financial plan, risk assessment & draft business plan, in a ppt and half a day discussions, that ended by a taste of the WBCC cousine as an invitation from MP Mr. Henry Chedid, and local West Bekaa wine. Then continued throughout the afternoon in a field visit across Shouf Biosphere Reserve, and back to Beirut at night. 
Both field visits were validation of the assessments done for both sites and understand further the common vision put with SPNL to establish a Home for the Hima and a Home for Homat Al Himas. 

On May 24 was a wrap up meeting at the office as a discussion and debrief after site inspection and a discussion of further steps. After the meeting, Horwath Team and SPNL visited the Ministry of Tourism to meet with Mrs. Nada Sardouk, Director General at ministry of tourism, to discuss the potential behind the two centers in terms of eco-tourism and agro-tourism and the support they shall bring to SPNLs sustainability plan.

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